Friday, August 17, 2007

make money_1

what i really interested on now in internet??
I learn to make money by internet.
Making money in the internet can be divide into two kind of bussiness selling product and selling your skill. 1st , what is flash in to my mind were selling product . And i dont have it . But now i have a new perspektif with internet. Not just sell product and skill but also sell your social sense in your blog. explore ur feeling about the world , learning to write in english so you can share with other people in the world.


I've just prove that link can increase my site on google page rank. I just cannot believe it that my site become 3/10 on google pagerank. I think this is because i link to blogger indonesia . Dirgahayu Indonesia ke 62.
i still cannot believe it , because fo along time i neglected this blog. from october 2006. almost 10 months. Why? I think this a good reason to discuss.
First, i didnt have a good connection in internet. I using telkomnet@instan and become to expensive to me .This problem make me to lazy to using internet slowly and expensive. yach! And then from july i using starone. 150 ribu rupiah per 1 gigabyte a month, thats not to expensive!!
2nd , i have another address for blogging. hee he unloyal person. Until i saw the page rank maybe i would never write in this address again. he he . But seen i saw it , i will never neglected the credit that i had achieve. he he

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I admire Indonesian bloger which is using English fluently, Maybe they have an experience living in foreign country for a while, or still live there. I need help to increase my English, if you don’t mind. Please write your comment.

The main reason for me to write a blog is to increase my English ability and of course to write my thought.

Just write n write . I ve heard a simple advice , about how to write , jus write n write. That’s very simple but deep advice. Look simple but worth. Another mental blocking that’s I should against is felt that what I wrote seem not good. So I m not posted it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To Fatih

thaks for your support.
I d like to say thankyou to Fatih Syuhud. That link my blog. This is a big support for me. Thanks!


How to measure ur progress?
This is one of the the big question still remain in my head until now. Why? I made some change, doing something, but I didn’t know , had what I do have any effect with the workshop.
I already had the answer.
Before I told about the answer I will told you how I found the answer. I search about passion in the internet and then I found a good site in
using google to search it.
I really embarace about one s again I found answer from internet .

First , what you have do is to define a goal. Without an exact goal we cannot measure how close you with the …of coarse the goal. In other words, how do you know what you do was work if you didn’t have a goal. When you define a goal , you can add with SWOT analysis to help you . To get more relevant, and realistic goal.
Define a goal .
Also be realistic.
What you will do to reach the goal?
Define the step about what you will do to reach a goal.
How to measure it ?
This is the description. If one company have a goal to increase their profit, they will try to increase their costumer so they will have data about the growth of the costumer that compared to the month, or year that they had passed.

Step by step goal. Short term goal and long term goal (main goal ).

Monday, October 16, 2006


i had watched Larry King Show Live at CNN. The guest Donald Trump and Robert T Kiyosaki . They both wrote a book tittled We Want You to be Rich. The main reason they wrote the book because at school there is no study about financial knowledge, precisely there is no theory about making money that very suit to the real world. And Trump said that he know how to do that.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


i had read the story about a princess of thailand wich is create a blog from jawa post. One of the national news paper in indonesia. I m try to search more info in the internet. And What i had found? The article precisely the same with this adreess

i dont know, may be i dont need to buy a news paper if the source of the news were very easy to find in the internet.


i recently konwn that my english ability didn't increse significantly like my first study with interest. I felt that my english didnt increase significatly and almost stagnan. I thougt that is because im not read grammar or another book regularly. Many good blogs was a good example to learned. I d like to recomandate a blog wich is build by Crown Prinncess from thailand (i hope that indonesia will have a princess that really understand young people needs) , this is the adress :

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Wednesday, January 18, 2006


dont leave them alone

setelah daftar seperti langkah diatas

kita arus tau apa yang namanya posting

clik posting lalu clik create mulailah mengetik

clik save as draft untuk menyimpan

clik publish post untuk meng-upload blog anda tanpa melakukan ini

blog anda akan tetap tidak ada perubahan

ini langkah pertama untuk bikin blog. Klik aja
tanda panah merah pada pojok kanan bawah. Lalu ikuti cara

ini langkah pertama untuk bikin blog. Klik aja
tanda panah merah pada pojok kanan bawah. Lalu ikuti cara
i d like one a good way to learn is by duplicate. Learn from some example. So ill say
this is a good blog. So u can learn from her.

its must be the 1st time for everything

Yes , its must be the first time for everything guys. Even 1st time u walk in the earth.
and i guess this is just one step for a long toward step.. To share my idea and thought.